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The question of what to breed for Barcelona? Biggie 166, Easy 350, Peter 595, Wild One 517, Thiple Zore 000 & Beauty 540.

Pattos pigeon loft is a small racing pigeon loft aiming to hit Barcelona Top 12. 
We breed and offer blue bars and checkers – young birds some of the best, please visit our auction sale for more information. 
The homegrown strains in the breeding lofts are a selection of pigeons I selected and bred; some pigeons are from very good lines:
A v Haaren Th Hermans
A v Loon J v Deurzen
C Hanegraaf
Beauty 540
Only On Request pigeons for sale

The Barcelona Team.

A great place to buy good pigeons is at the actions at toppigeons.com AUCTIONS